Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please, It Means too Much - VOTE!

So please, don't make me beg. They are all doing the begging for me. Please, make sure you're registered and vote on November 4.


Anonymous said...

Please Vote, the rest of the world wants America to do the right thing before its to late. The world is a more dangerous place with a greater terrorist threat, more unstable goverments, ecconomic disaster and chaos than it was four years ago. Bush has been a disaster for America, so please, for your sakes and the rest of the worlds, step back from the brink, dont jump over the edge and take the rest of us with you.

Kim Ayres said...

Hey, I'd love to. In fact given the way the US impacts on the rest of the world, we really ought to be allowed to.

Lana Gramlich said...

But, is a fallacy & the gov't is just a puppet show put on for the slaves, er, "citizens." Voting hasn't changed a thing in decades--why would it suddenly start now?
George Carlin said it best;
I'll consider voting when an anarchist-leaning libertarian makes the ballot (i.e.; never.)

6th Floor blog said...

I'm not against voting, but It's very discouraging. I don't believe in the system, because it's messed up. I do think I like Obama, but Idon't follow politics because I don't/can't believe anything any of them say. It doesn't matter though, my elector is going to vote democrat whether or not I vote.

In fact, If I ever hear someone say they voted for Bush (in NY) I remind them that they didn't actually. They suggested Bush, but their elector disregarded that and voted for Kerry. Although being that Bush got a second term, and there is even consideration for the joke that is Palin/Mccain, I don't think i'm in favor of popular election either. The election shouldn't been held a year ago when we were talking a bout 6-10 candidates.

Brave Astronaut said...

Anon - thank you for echoing the sentiment.

Kim - We can probably arrange for an absentee ballot to be intercepted. We have a few people who need to have their votes corrected.

Lana - this makes me sad. You have a real good election slate in LA and in the down ticket races, every vote makes a difference. Mary Landrieu deserves your vote and so does Barack Obama.

6th Floor - I can understand your frustration. The system is indeed broken. But it is the system we have. And yes, NY is a very blue state, so yes, your vote is a pledge, but won't it feel good to be on the winning side?