Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maryland - #7, April 28, 1788

Named for Queen Henrietta Maria, this week we find ourselves in my new home state, Maryland. One piece of trivia for Maryland - there are no natural lakes in the state. Maryland is also home to the oldest airport in the world and still a working airport - The College Park Airport (and Aviation Museum).

My older sister lived in Maryland when she was first married and we used to travel from New York to visit her. In those days, you would go through the Baltimore-Harbor Tunnel (our only option back then - the Fort McHenry Tunnel wasn't opened until 1985), I remember going through the tunnels and waving to the guards in the booths inside. They waved back. There aren't any guards in the tunnels anymore.

Partially because of it's proximity to the Brave Astronaut (and its central location in the MARAC region), I have been to Baltimore fairly often. I am convinced however, the city hates me. Once when Mrs. BA and I were on our way to Baltimore, we got lost and it was not a happy time in the car. Recently, we were on our way to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Baltimore when SoBA got sick in the car. The city just doesn't like me.

I have been to the far corners of the state, spending a long weekend at Wisp Resort at Deep Creek Lake (man-made - remember no natural lakes in MD) and spending several relaxing days in Ocean City on several different occasions. Going back to Ocean City was made even more attractive recently, when Coke was named the official soft drink of the city, pushing out Pepsi. Maryland also has some good Civil War cred, with the Antietam battlefield not far. Been there too.

Like last week's state, Massachusetts, Maryland is also a reliably "blue" state. Our governor is Martin O'Malley and our two Senators are Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, Democrats all. The House delegation is majority democratic, with only two Republicans - one of which might be flipped in the next election.
Prominent Marylanders (a little more difficult to find a list to reference. here's one and a second)

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