Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost Finds its Way Back

We've waited long enough. With hope and despite the writer's strike, the TV series Lost will return tomorrow. Here is a map of the island posted on the Strange Maps blog, a really good blog that puts up some really interesting images. With the series heading for its conclusion, here's hoping they can wrap it up nicely. It has been a really good ride.

As an admitted television addict, I want to say here that I remember the days when you had to get up and change the channel on the television. I remember having a cable box that was actually attached to the TV, by a cable. I remember network only television. I remember UHF.

I dream of the days when I will have a new HD television. I dream of the days when I will have the time to sit around and watch all the television I want to. For now, I am grateful to one of the better inventions, the DVR / TiVO. I can't tell you how many people I will say, "I couldn't tell you what night a show is on. It's just there on the list when I want to watch it." Mrs. BA firmly believes that TiVO should be issued to every new parent upon leaving the hospital. (I mean, they don't give you a manual for the child, the least they could do is some other nice parting gift.) I very rarely watch "live" TV anymore. My son, who we try to limit his television watching, does not understand why he cannot watch one program on one television (without the DVR) that he watches on the other (with the DVR). And the commercials? Couldn't tell you about them, although I will be taping the Super Bowl this Sunday to be sure I get to see the best commercials (and perhaps a wardrobe malfunction or two, but then again, the halftime show entertainment is Tom Petty, and no one wants to see that).

On another note, my father arrives tomorrow for a visit. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. We've got a full slate planned.


Anna van Schurman said...

We "rewind live TV" so often that I find myself wanting to do it in other parts of my life...when I'm listening to the radio, on the phone, watching movies in the theater, tv in other people's houses. I'm obsessed! But I look forward to the day when I have all the time to go places.

Lana Gramlich said...

You forgot to mention that TV stations actually went off the air at the end of the day. Funny how things change...scary, too.
Enjoy the visit with your Dad. Please send him my regards (& my sincere thanks for his help during the worst times of my life.)