Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Boys of Summer Get Ready for the Fall Classic

Today is the first day of the baseball postseason. Yes, my beloved Yankees are not in it this year. But Joe Torre is, so I've got that going for me. The Yankees tried valiantly to make the playoffs, but it was not in the Cards. As a result, the hallowed halls of Yankee Stadium will go silent and the team will move across the street to its new stadium next season.

I will get to predictions in a moment (because I'm so good at it), but first I wanted to share a few things about baseball. First, the boys over at YanksFan vs. SoxFan took note of the "Worst Seat in the House" that Home Run Derby put out in August. If you click on the link you can get some pictures, but here's the list in no particular order:
  • Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs - I've been there, sure there are metal girders in your view at time, but hey, you're at Wrigley, suck it up.
  • Petco Park, San Diego Padres - OK, that's a pretty bad seat.
  • Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox - again, it's an old stadium, but it's Fenway.
  • Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros - um, I have to pay for this seat?
  • Shea Stadium, New York Mets - well they are tearing that stadium down, too.
  • AT&T Park, San Francisco Giants - The views of the bay sort of make up for having to look at the camerman's melon for nine innings.
With both New York teams moving into new stadiums next year (not that either of them deserve it, especially those choker boys from the purple stadium - again this year, really?), it begs the question what do you do with the old stuff? I'm glad you asked. New York magazine posed the question as to how much stuff is worth at an old stadium, and the Village Voice also chimed in. Bleacher seats from Shea, evidently can be had for $869 a pair.

Some of the items being contemplated for sale at Yankee Stadium actually might be worth owning. Feel free to pick up anything on the list for your favorite Brave Astronaut. However, no determination has yet been made as to what will be made available. An online auction may take place in November, in plenty of time for anyone you know of with a December birthday.
  • "I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee" - Joe DiMaggio - the sign that hangs in the hallway from the dugout to the locker room is expected to fetch nearly $10,000.
  • Old style Ticket booth - $25,000
  • Press box lineup board - $500
  • Outfield wall panel with distance marker - $10,000
  • Urinal - $200
  • Seat - $1000 (Penny Marshall owns one of the original seats from the old Yankee Stadium, when contacted by New York magazine for the article, commented, "that seems high, since they're f**king plastic.")
  • Facade lettering $50,000
So how will the teams fare in the postseason this year? Let's see.
ALDS #1 - Tampa Bay vs. Chicago White Sox
  • Tampa Bay, really? The Yankees have to sit out for friggin' Tampa Bay?! Whatever. I gotta go with the AL Easters. I was really rooting for the Twins, though, the Cinderella Story of the playoffs. Oh, and sorry there, White Sox. Better luck next time, but I was rooting for an all-Chicago World Series, it would have been interesting to see Chicago implode.
ALDS #2 - Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox
  • Hey, this is mostly a family blog so I will restrain myself from talking about the Beantown Bozos. But nobody's getting past the Angels this year. Sorry there, NJM.
NLDS #1 - Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • Possibly one of the best matchups. Both teams sort of back doored their way into the playoffs. A series of mediocrity. I like the Brewers over the Phils. Sorry, Philly Girl.
NLDS #2 - Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Chicago Cubs
  • As much as the lovable Cubs deserve a break, I gotta go with Torre, even if he is wearing Dodger blue.


Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks for not picking the Red Sox! With you, it's like the kiss of death.

Anyway, I thought you'd be interested in other ballpark souvenirs.

Amy said...

Urgh. I was with you all the way until you went with the Dodgers over the Cubs.

I'm mildly ticked that the Indians didn't take care of business in that last game and make a clear path for the Twins. Instead, I had not one but two "Win or go home!" games to sit through* and stoopid Jim Thome sound bites clogging up my SportsCenter. Frakkin' huckleberry. Gah!**

And yet, by picking a sentimental favorite (Cubs) and the new team of a former Indians ace (Brewers and Sabathia), I'm just setting myself up for a Sophie's Choice in the second round. But if the Dodgers do knock out the Cubs, I'm going with Mill-e-wah-que*** over Casey Blake**** & LA.

Not that I'm actually going to be watching any of these games or anything. I'm such a homer that once my team is out of it, I'm done.

* Okay, "pause momentarily while flipping through channels — just long enough to check the score and hurl curses" might be more accurate.

** That's right: I'm still holding a grudge. It keeps me warm on these seasonably chilly nights.

*** You have to say it like Alice Cooper does in Wayne's World.

**** Another former Indian! How thrilled is he that he got traded mid-season? Perhaps almost as thrilled as I was to see him go!

Anonymous said...

Well, now that the Phils have emerged victorious, I can feel free to mock you and your prediction for Milwaukee. Ha! (That would probably hurt you more if you were a Mets fan.)

Brave Astronaut said...

Anna - I just do not understand how the Angels fold up their tents every time the play the Sox in the playoffs. Don't be surprised, but I'm picking the Rays in the ALCS.

Amy - I, too, would have liked to see the Twins in and the Sox out. But that has come to pass now.

J - Whatever, the Phillies managed to do well in a very tough division and earned their victory. But I like the Dodgers over them in the NLCS, sorry.

Anna van Schurman said...

Keep picking against my teams. I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

I have been silent for a month on this topic, lest I jinx the preferred outcome. So Brave Astronaut, I say, WOOOOOOHOOOOOO, Phinally, the Phillies have won the World Series, and have put their city out of 25 years of misery, and 28 years after the only other Phillies championship. 80/08 I moved here during the last, unsuccessful World Series in 1993, and every sports franchise in this town since then has been to their championship and lost. See you at the parade tomorrow on Broad Street.

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