Thursday, January 12, 2012

Delaware - #1, December 7, 1787

So here we are. The first post of the new States of the Union series here on Order from Chaos. Over the course of the remainder of the year, I will post information about the 50 states in the order of their admittance to the Union. That means, week 1, is the First State, Delaware.

Delaware is the second smallest state in the union (after what state?), comprised of three counties (the fewest number of counties of any state) - Mrs. BA used to know someone who would say "three counties when the tide was out, one when the tide was in" - and is about 100 miles long and ranges from 9 to 35 miles wide. Delaware also has the only circular state boundary in the United States, the Twelve Mile Circle.

Having driven through Delaware more times than I care to recount, I believe that most of the state is Interstate 95 - known in the state as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway. Paying a toll for the privilege just adds insult to injury. Delaware also features favorable incorporation laws and as a result, about half of the publicly traded corporations in the United States and 60% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

The state is reliably Democratic - the current Governor is Jack Markell (D), both Senators and its sole House Member are Democrats: Thomas Carper, Chris Coons, and John Carney.

Delaware also has great beaches and is a popular destination for the Brave Astronaut clan when the situation presents itself. There is a minor league baseball team, located in Wilmington, The Wilmington Blue Rocks, which I have been to, organizing a group outing to a game. Wilmington, Delaware's major city, has been home to many professional meetings for the Brave Astronaut and it holds a very special place in my heart.

  • State Capital - Dover
  • Date of Admission - December 7, 1787
  • State Motto - Liberty and Independence
  • State bird - blue hen chicken
  • State flower - peach blossom
  • State University - The University of Delaware (and employer of one of Mrs. BA's brothers-in-law)
  • State Archives - the Delaware Public Archives
  • Population (2010) - 897,934
  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence - Col. Thomas McKean, George Read, Caesar Rodney.

Prominent Delawareans (completely subjective and my own opinion - full list here)

So that's the first post. What do you think? What's missing?


pcw said...

Locals never pay the I-95 toll, preferring, when going south, get off at the 896N exit, drive 1 mile north, travel west on Rt.4 and then drive south on Elkton Road and pick up I-95 in Maryland

Unknown said...

If you were only to read two books about Delaware - one non fiction, one fiction - what should they be?

Anything else quintessentially Delawarian?

Brave Astronaut said...

PCW - yes, of course. With Mrs. BA's sister in Delaware, we often get off and make our way around. We tend to avoid I-95 in Delaware as much as possible.

C - good suggestions. But I don't think that will work for every state, but I'll take it under advisement.