Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The 12 Posts of Christmas (2012), volume X

It's Christmas night and it's been a busy day.  Last night, I went to bed a little early so I wasn't up when Santa came - but I still had the task of making sure he had been here this morning.  LBA and SoBA came into our room a little before 7:00am to ask if it was OK to go downstairs.  Mrs. BA enforced the rule that "the first number [on the clock] has to be a 7" and sent them away - an eight-year old snooze alarm.  They came back promptly at 7:02.

I went downstairs as my father had done for years for my siblings.  I turned on the music, the Christmas lights, and verified that Santa had indeed visited.  Then I invited the boys downstairs.  We had a frenzied time of opening presents - LBA got a Kindle Fire yesterday from his Nana and SoBA scored a new Leapster - so both were very pleased with their new presents.  Brave Astronaut did well also, I have a new razor, but at this time I am letting some winter growth mature on my face, so I won't break it in just yet.

After presents, we had a nice big breakfast and then went off to church.  After coming home we readied ourselves for a Christmas lunch with C in DC and her family.   They were traveling later today and we decided on lunch rather than a full on dinner.  We had Beef on Weck in honor of C in DC's Buffalo roots.

After they left we relaxed for a bit before our dinner plan - at LBA's request, it was his birthday after all - we had an appetizer dinner: Pigs in a Blanket, Wings, Nachos.  Unfortunately, Mrs. BA was feeling the way I was last night so she went up to bed and the boys and I set out to watch some Christmas specials while we snacked.

I put the boys to bed a little while ago and came back downstairs to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" which I had started watching last night before going up to bed.  It's been a good Christmas all around and you might even say - It's been a wonderful life so far.  I'm very blessed and very thankful for all I have.  I wish you all the very same.  Merry Christmas to all of you my dear readers and "God Bless Us Everyone!"

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