Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20 Should Be A Federal Holiday!

Why, you ask? Because it's my birthday, that's why. And since I now work for the federal government, shouldn't it be a given? But anyway, yes, today is my birthday. Feel free to send gifts. I will take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank those people who have already sent along gifts.

Thanks, Ed for the Golf Magazine subscription. What are you saying? I need a little help with my game?

Thanks Cheryl and Paul for the new lunchbag. It is great and will certainly get broken in soon. My current lunchbag was starting to look a little sad and I was wondering what my plan was. Problem solved.

The sweetest gift received goes to Nancy, who made me her special fudge sauce, soon to be enjoyed over some high-quality vanilla ice cream. Nancy also fed my lighthouse obsession, making a contribution to my Christmas tree, with a very handsome stained glass ornament.

Our very best friends joined my wife and I for a lovely birthday dinner downtown, and provided me with Jiffy Pop popcorn and some good Belgian holiday beer! Outstanding!

Thanks to my lovely wife for my gifts. I now have an iPod attachment for the car that allows my iPod to be played through the car radio - Excellent! I also received a new wallet (see the lunchbag problem) and a copy of National Lampoon's Vacation. "Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya."

Now what other momentous events took place on my birthday you might ask? In 1803, the transfer of the Louisiana Purchase was completed with ceremonies in New Orleans. In 1860, South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union. Sharing my birthday today? Dr. Samuel Mudd (b. 1833), Harvey Firestone (b. 1868), George Roy Hill (b. 1922), and John Hillerman (Higgins!) (b. 1932).

So get out there and enjoy the holiday! Me, I'm having a party. I'm sure it's just for me, although everybody in my office will be there . . .

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Spellbound said...

I'm posting this on your b-day post as not to attract attention, but I swear I'm not paranoid. I do thank you for commenting on WOW. I have an insatiable curiosity that makes me spend way too much time speculating on who might lurk out there. I’m not sure how long you’ve been watching but I can’t help but noticing your birthday is between my first husband’s (12-17), the one I divorced because he was abusive, and my last lover (12-24), the one I had to give up when my husband found out. Things with Sagittarians and myself often end badly, but I do find them very exciting intellectually and otherwise, but of course, I put no credence in astrology.

I am at work and have no time to peruse your blog at length, but I will come by again. I am glad to know that at least one Sagittarius is happily married.

Bye for now, can't wait to see your meme.