Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doing the DC Dozens

This weekend marks the sixth anniversary of my arrival in Washington DC (of course that means my sixth wedding anniversary is coming up - that's candy, iron, or wood, for those of you who need ideas for gifts). Recently the Washington Post weekend section had an article on 12 great things to do around DC. Their take on it was, it's January, here's something to do each month for the remainder of the year. Here's the list.
  1. The Exorcist Steps - I've seen them, but gone up (or down!) them? Nope. If you have to ask more, you haven't seen the movie.

  2. Drag Queen Brunch at Perry's - this might be worth looking into.

  3. The Theatre for a song - several of DC's theaters, including the Washington Shakespeare Company, the Wooly Mammoth, and Theatre J, offer "Pay What You Can" shows. I like the theater and I'm cheap, so I could very easily get behind this.

  4. The Wright Stuff - Fallingwater is so far away and we have Frank Lloyd Wright stuff right here in DC, with the Pope-Leighey House. And you could also see Woodlawn while you're there.

  5. Go look for eagles. The Post suggests going here, but I will continue to look for my eagles on the golf course.

  6. Jazz in June - I have just completed working in a department that deals primarily with congressional records so HR-57 means something completely different to me. But evidently, it is the name of one of the premier jazz clubs in DC. And the jam sessions are something not to be missed.

  7. "If it's not Scottish, it's Crap!" John Russell Pope, who was a very busy man in Washington, DC, designed the Temple of the Scottish Rite on 16th Street. Go on the tour (I have already done this one), it is very interesting. And you get to learn more about those wacky Masons.

  8. The Post suggests the Drum Circle in Meridian Hill Park for August. Are they nuts? Don't they know what this town is like in August? Make a note there, J in PA, Meridian Hill has a statue of Pennsylvania's only president.

  9. Climb to the top of the Washington Monument. Really? I've done it. I prefer this. It's not as high, but I like the view.

  10. Saluting the Unknowns. There has been a fair amount of talk here in DC about whether the Tomb of the Unknowns needs to be replaced (it has several cracks). But while they debate that, go see the changing of the guard. It is incredibly moving.

  11. Objection! - People who live here can often lose sight of the government working around town. Go see the oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court or my favorite, get passes to the House and Senate Galleries. You'll need to contact your Congressman or Senator, and you better know who that is. But no spitballs, or you'll wind up disappearing without a trace.

  12. Come Dancing! (possibly one of my favorite songs, remind me to put it on my iPod). With the demise of Blob's Park, Glen Echo Park is one of the last places in the DC area to shake your groove thing.
So there's the list. Shall we try and get them all done in 2008?


Unknown said...

I agree with you on the Old Post Office Tower. Great view.

One day, I'd like to see this place, McMillan Reservoir on a list of interesting, off-beat places to visit in DC. Those towers stump everyone as to their purpose when they see them the first time.

Unknown said...

I know how much you enjoy being tagged, so now you're it.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about the statue, but have never seen it. Was done by the same guy that fashioned several large memorial plaques here at the college.

As far as the eagles, keep the dream alive, BA!

Lana Gramlich said...

I'd much rather be there than here in August, I can say that much! *L*

Brave Astronaut said...

C in DC - The first time I passed those towers, I wondered what they were. We should definitely go.

J in PA - And don't forget it will be your turn to write a post when we get to week 15!

Lana - I've been in both places in August. It might be a tie.