Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Drunken Madness - The Rules

We are slowly approaching March Madness, which means that it must be time to get the March Drunken Madness Contest underway. If you have expressed to me your desire to be a part of it, you have likely received an invitation to become an author to a blog created strictly for this purpose. It looks like we will have enough to start at the "Sweet 16" or else there was some talk of Amy and I getting a first round bye, which may still happen. We'll be like superdelegates.

While the rules are still a little in flux, here is how it is shaping up.
  • Pick your best drinking story. It may be a personal experience or something you witnessed, but not something you heard from your cousin's best friend's sister's boyfriend about this time they went to 31 Flavors in 1986.
  • Keep it under 1,000 words.
  • Use as many hyperlinks as you want, but do not embed photos/videos in the narrative.
  • Contestants will be randomly seeded by Amy and Brave Astronaut.
  • Post it to the blog and send an email to either Amy or Brave Astronaut, who will then create a poll on the side of the blog for your competition.
  • Tell everybody you know to go to the blog and vote for you. Repeatedly.
  • If you make it to the Championship Round, you will have the option of going with the story that got you there, or substituting a new one.
If you want in, there is still time. Based on the responses I got, we are at sixteen (provided the 6th Floor Blog comes up with six stories). Alternatively, we could post all the stories on the new blog and have one big poll. Thoughts?


Brave Astronaut said...

Two have already posted their stories. If you're in, let's get those stories up and I will amend the poll that is on the site.

Lana Gramlich said...

Hmmm...I didn't seem to get the invite..? Where do I post my story?

Amy said...

What's this about a first-round bye?! I only posted mine because I thought I was behind, since I knew you'd mentioned that we should have our stories posted by Sunday.

I was too lazy to write mine until Sunday afternoon. (And apparently with good reason, given how long it turned out to be . . .)