Friday, May 2, 2008

MARAC - Friday

Day 2 at MARAC is mostly done. To finish up where we left off on Thursday, I went into a marathon meeting which lasted long into the evening, finally breaking up around 11:15pm. It was my last Steering Committee meeting as Treasurer and it was one for the books. We will see what comes of the issues discussed.

Up this morning for some additional meetings and then to a great plenary address by Joseph Persico, who among other things was a speechwriter for Nelson A. Rockefeller. Persico has a new book out on Franklin Roosevelt and the women in his life. It is called Franklin and Lucy and I purchased a copy and had it autographed by Mr. Persico, along with my copies of The Imperial Rockefeller and his Edward R. Murrow biography.

From there, I went off to the session that I helped to organize on the history of MARAC. I think the panel was great and a number of significant discussions were generated as a result. The session went exactly as I had hoped. Lunch was another great talk about the 1939 World's Fair, which I was unfortunately called out of, when my phone rang and I went off to deal with that.

I sit now in the lobby while the last block of sessions wraps up for today and then there will be a reception here in the hotel parlor. Then I will try and restrain myself and invite a limited number of people out for dinner to one of the few local restaurants that are open.

Tomorrow I will head home for DC to attend the wedding of two good friends. Then I will do my best to get out an anniversary post on Sunday as I will celebrate with Mrs. BA. (I probably shouldn't give her the Franklin and Lucy book as a present, right?)


Anna van Schurman said...

6th anniv traditional present, candy or iron. U know my vote.
--old 1 hand

Archivalist said...

Iron! A nice new hybrid wedge!

Brave Astronaut said...

both fine ideas. I did manage to get flowers delivered to here on Friday - but neither of us managed to get cards for the other . . .