Thursday, May 1, 2008

MARAC Thursday

Here it is - Thursday at MARAC. Yesterday, I and two colleagues had an uneventful flight to Buffalo International (HA!) Airport and made our way to the historic Anchor Bar for the original buffalo wing. As payment for ADR transporting my golf clubs to Chautauqua, I very kindly brought him an order of wings, which were consumed by he and a few other friends that were lurking about in the lobby of the historic Athenaeum Hotel. That Ed guy and I settled in our room in the hotel and turned in for the night.

[Mrs. BA - don't read this part!]
I have to admit to getting a really good night's sleep. A queen size bed and no children snuggled up close to me and I was able to stretch out and be quite comfortable.

We got up this morning and headed off to play the Lake Course, which was enjoyed by all of us who played. Back to the hotel to get cleaned up and shortly I will be heading into a stretch of meetings that is sure to run long into the night. Luckily, my cellphone will be able to deliver me text updates of the Rangers-Penguins game. Hopefully by my not watching it will turn out better for the Rangers tonight. And Sean Avery, forward for the Rangers will be watching the game from a hospital bed. Don't ever try to tell me that hockey players aren't tough.

The hotel features Wi-Fi in the lobby and I hope to get another update out tomorrow. And maybe a picture or two of Amy in Cleveland's first archival conference, as we begin her initiation to becoming an archivist.

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