Saturday, April 28, 2012

Netflix for Baby Clothes

I have long thought there is a finite amount of baby clothes in the universe.  Yes, there's always new stuff to buy, but as soon as that happens, some raggedy onesie goes off to the big crib in the sky.  Further, I think the passing of baby clothes around from old parents to new parents is a rite of passage for all of us.

The Brave Astronaut attic currently has several boxes of clothes in it.  Some have come from friends with children older (and now bigger) than LBA and SoBA.  There are boxes that Mrs. BA has put up there, waiting for the next clothing donation truck to rumble by.  And we have passed along our fair share to neighbors in town as well.

So when I read this article (nearly a year ago, now), I was not the least bit surprised.  I'm just surprised it took this long (and that I didn't get the idea out there first).  It is a brilliant idea, given the fact that kids grow out of things so quickly (many of the clothes that we received often still had the tags on them!).  Although now it seems the website has gone silent.  A Marketing Opportunity for the Brave Astronaut!

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