Sunday, September 30, 2007

The return of the magic box?

If the gods are to be believed, DirecTV will arrive at my house tomorrow to install my service. I won't believe it until the truck pulls up, actually until the technician pulls away and the service is working. For you see, I still don't have phone service and DirecTV needs that to update. [fist shaking].

So how did I get into this boat, nearly two weeks after moving in, to be without TV service (and phone service - but that's another rant). Let me share an email I sent to DirecTV last week. I will admit here that I didn't realize how much of a TV junkie I was, until I missed premiere week, and the final week of baseball season, and the new Ken Burns documentary, and . . .

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to you today to express my displeasure with DirecTV, specifically my recent move. I have been a DirecTV customer for more than five years and for the most part, have been completely satisfied with my service. However, five years of good may have been irrevocably damaged based on DirecTV's actions in the month of September.

First, at the end of August, my DVR box ceased working. I called DirecTV to see what could be done. It was determined the box could not be repaired and that I would need to purchase a new one, which I did. Inadvertently, I was charged for two DVRs. I am requesting a refund for one of the DVRs, as I only received one. Additionally, I should be credited for those days that I was without DirecTV service, until the new DVR arrived. Those dates are August 22 through September 4, 2007.

Next, on September 10, I called to inform DirecTV that I would be moving on September 18 and would like to have my service set-up at my new address. I was given an appointment for September 20, between the hours of 4 and 8pm.

On September 20, at approximately 5:00pm, I called DirecTV to check on the status of the service call. When I reached a representative, they told me that the service call had been canceled on September 10, after I had set the appointment up. I was informed the service call had been canceled by DirecTV, without notifying me. Subsequently, DirecTV representatives showed the service appointment was set for September22, but that, it too, had been canceled. I was ultimately informed that a new service call would take place on October 1. This was unacceptable to me.

I had several conversations with DirecTV representatives on September 20, including those with Movers Connection, the local contractor installers, and DirecTV representatives. One of the DirecTV representatives hung up on me when he determined that he couldn't help me. I called back to DirecTV and asked to speak with a supervisor.

After a prolonged wait, I was finally transferred to a supervisor named Hector. I explained my situation to Hector and asked for a resolution, namely to have DirecTV installed at my new address prior to October 1. Hector assured me he would try to get me an earlier service appointment. He then told me he would call me back within 24 hours. He has never called.

I am on the verge of canceling my service with DirecTV. I would like to hear from someone by the end of business today to discuss my account.

This was the response I received:
We appreciate your taking the time to write. I am sorry for the problems that you have had with your equipment and our delay in responding to your need. I see that the second charge for the equipment has been removed already and have taken care of the time you were without service. (This does include the time up to October 1 since we have not been able to reschedule). Your current balance is a credit amount. I release that the time frame is not what you wanted but hope that the credits will in some measure make up for the delay.

Thank you again for writing.

Norma B U6917
DIRECTV Customer Service
So what do you think I can squeeze out of DirecTV tomorrow on the phone? NHL Center Ice Package, free movie channels for six months? Anyone have any ideas? Technician is supposed to be here first thing in the morning . . .

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6th Floor blog said...

Hmm, maybe you can get something else out of 'em.

I seem to find that all these cable companies are really crappy with service and getting things done. I guess they're so used to being pretty much a monopoly they haven't adjusted to satellite and stuff.