Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Wisp Weekend

We've returned from our "last vacation ever." Mr. and Mrs. Brave Astronaut had long standing plans with Mr. and Mrs. "Ed" (no, not the horse - good friends who live in Pittsburgh) to get away for the weekend, no kids, just two couples, and some golf. I had a gift certificate which was set to expire at the end of October, so we didn't want it to go to waste.

So Friday, Mr. and Mrs. BA headed out of town and made a stop in Hagerstown here. Mrs. BA needed some maternity wear and I used the opportunity to go to the Black and Decker outlet and buy this and this. Then we continued on and arrived in Deep Creek Lake after a quick lunch here. Gotta love the Peanut Buster Parfait.

We rendezvoused with our friends and decided a dip in the resort pool was in order. Then we showered and changed and headed out for dinner. I had done some research and we all decided on this wonderful restaurant for dinner. Despite being far from the Chesapeake, we had really good Cream of Crab soup and we all had various forms of steak (I had the prime rib).

The next morning we got out and explored the area, finding our way here. We wandered about the trails and saw the waterfalls and then headed back for some lunch. Arriving back at the hotel, it was determined that we had enough time for Ed and I to do this. Nothing like careening down a mountainside on a scooter wondering if you will fly off the track. I must have enjoyed it, because it was reported by several people that my cackling could be heard all down the mountain.

Then it was golf time. Let's just say that Ed beat me (as he usually does) and I didn't break 100. It was a nice course and we had a good time. Isn't that all that matters? Then it was time for dinner (it's always about the food, in case you haven't noticed). We had a really good dinner (did I mention I overate?) and since we overate at dinner, we had to go here for dessert. There was some doubt on the part of Mrs. BA that I didn't know where it was, but I have a nose for ice cream places.

Back to the hotel and we all retired to our rooms for one more night of slumber without baby monitors and slept the sleep of four tired adults (we might have been in bed by 10:00). As Sunday morning dawned, we checked out and put McHenry, MD in our rearview mirrors and headed here for breakfast before going our separate ways and heading home to our children and [gasp!] work tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. BA stopped here on the way home to see the interesting rock formations, while Mr. and Mrs. Ed reported they were stopping here.

The BA family is going to head over to the new digs this afternoon and get an idea of where the furniture will be placed by the movers on Tuesday. I am bringing a full load of stuff of odd items that is easier for me to move than leaving it to the professionals. It can be noted that this post was written as LBA finished up his afternoon nap. There will be a period this week where the posts will likely be sporadic as the moving frenzy ramps up, coupled with the fact we won't have Internet access until Thursday evening.

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