Saturday, September 29, 2007

Maybe You Could be Nicer About It?

While I am currently in just a plain aggressive mood lately (stay tuned for a rant against Verizon and DirecTV in the days to come), I found this site recently (courtesy of the Southwest Airlines in flight magazine. Had I only found this when I was looking for the fifth blog to include in my Blog Day post. This blog was profiled in the Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine (have I already said this has great stuff in it?). Go ahead and visit the site below if (as the magazine proposes), "your coworker keeps stealing your yogurt and you need inspiration."

Passive-Aggressive Notes. You know who you are. You don't like to confront people, but will never miss an opportunity to point out what they did wrong. Most prevalent in the dorm room, the office lounge, and other community spaces, they are often instant classics. The blog features submissions from around the world "spotted in the wild."

Here's a few samples:
"Peter, I'm not too happy with your inability to provide me with some cookies. If we could fix this situation, that'd be great. Thanks, John"

"If you leave the coffee pot low, you fail at life. Please make more coffee!"

"To the fiend who took my Deer Park water out of the freezer on May 30: It was tap. I hope you enjoyed it."

"Ian, If I catch you eating this delicious cereal, I'll kill you in your sleep. Love, Dan"


Anonymous said...

Does your mood have anything to do with the Yanks/Os series this weekend?

That is what I said said...

I can't believe I didn't know about this blog. I have produced a few passive aggressive notes related to parking that I am rather proud of and only wish I had taken photos. Oh well, I imagine I will produce more soon enough. Thank you for what may have been the best part of my Monday.