Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Now that's a Sandwich

When I first moved to the DC area, I lamented (actually, it might have been complained) that I could not get Boar's Head cold cuts. Recently, the Giant supermarket started carrying them. Alleluia! I was once again able to order Boar's Head Bologna, sliced THICK (that's important!) to have sandwiches, on white bread with mayonnaise. Stop moaning, it's really good.

When I was growing up, my mother would take me to the "Farmer's Market," where I would ride the carousel, get samples from the "pickle guy," get baked goods, and my mother would get produce and then move over to Tony the butcher for her meat order. Tony always offered me a few slices of bologna (sliced thick). I was hooked, for you know what they say, first one's free.

So the bologna sandwiches began to appear in my lunch at work. And, I mean, they are so good that best friend asked me to make him one after spotting me eating one in the cafeteria one day. I delivered on this yesterday. While mine was the desired mayo variety, I prepared best friend's with mustard.

The group I eat lunch with (several of whom read this blog) commented on the sandwich swap. Mrs. Best Friend told him that he should offer something to me in exchange for the sandwich. So I scored a package of Ho-Ho's for break time. Literally, Sweet!

The conversation turned to the swapping of lunch items that we all engaged in during our school careers. I spent much of the first, second, and third grades trading tuna fish sandwiches with Matthew Kinigson, as for some reason, we liked how each other's mother made their tuna.

There is a long list of comfort foods out there in the world. For me, bologna (sliced thick) is right up there at the top of the list. Now that Boar's Head is readily available here in MD, now I have to start working on getting Wise chips to muscle out the Utz people. Heaven!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Boar's Head guy too, but prefer their turkey. -Ed

Anna van Schurman said...

The best lunch exchange I ever did was more of a lunch group (one person made lunch for the four of us on a rotating basis during the week). We had the most luxurious lunches, because when you only cook once, it's a whole lot easier to make that key lime pie from Cooking Light for dessert.

My favorite lunch is one I can really only get in NYC--chopped chicken liver on light rye with thin sliced onions and mustard. The rye has to give your teeth a work out, not this pansy soft rye they serve around here.

Kim Ayres said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog.

I can see that food is an issue that crops up quite frequently here, which explains your desire for my wife's chocolate cake recipe :)

If you're interested, if you click on the "Food" label on my blog, one of the posts has my wife's bramble crumble recipe, which to my tastebuds is truly the greatest desert in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I have to see if my local store carries Boar's Head, too. The powerful combination of your childhood memories and the current with-mayo recipe for this simple sandwich sound too good to pass up!

Oh, and I used to swap PBJ sanwiches with my best friend in elementary school. Her mom used grape jelly and mine always added honey to the mix. Not bad, I just liked the grape jelly better, and she loved the honey combo. Why didn't we simply tell our mothers this?

stinkypaw said...

My dad used to enjoy his bologna. sliced thick as well. He would fry it, until crispy edges and then make a snadwich. That to me is a fond memory of my dad...

Anonymous said...

I am Matthew, the one who swapped those Sandwiches, but who is the one that posted the story. It made me chuckle

Brave Astronaut said...

Now if you are indeed Matt, you should know who this is. The fellow "kissing bug" of South Grove Elementary? Click on my profile and you will get an email link. Email me and we will catch up. We last saw each other at the SHS 20th reunion.