Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Meme #2

As with last week's meme, this one also comes courtesy of the House of Lime. I also saw a variant of this on Geof's blog.

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
  • Same stuff, just in a different state (in a way, a little depressing)
2. What were five things on my list to do today?
  • Stay on top of the workload
  • Make a new To Do List at the end of the day for next week (it's a ritual)
  • Pick up my son at daycare (by 5:30)
  • Update the JAL Tours Baseball list and send out a payments received email.
  • Square things away at the house (that's a perpetual one)
3. Snacks I enjoy?
  • Wise Onion Garlic Potato Chips (give me a bag and they are gone - and they are hard to come by south of the Mason-Dixon line.
  • Chocolate, but really who doesn't enjoy chocolate.
4. Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?
  • Stop working. Endow a position at one of my former places of employment. Stop working. Travel. Stop working. Go anywhere I wanted at a moment's notice. Did I mention stop working?
5. Three of my bad habits?
  • Man, the last meme only wanted one, now I have to list three? Well, still the occasional smoke. Although I seem to be better about it, I used to be a bad knuckle cracker. I also have a bad sarcastic side, not so much a bad habit as it is just annoying.
6. Five places I have lived?
  • Syosset, New York
  • Albany, New York (college)
  • Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Bethesda, Maryland
  • Cheverly, Maryland (good thing it's only five, that's all I got).
7. Five jobs I've had?
  • Newspaper delivery (and Pennysavers)
  • Valet Parking Attendant (possibly the best job I ever had)
  • Pizza Delivery Man
  • Social Studies teacher
  • Archivist
8. How did you name your blog?
  • Hey, it's what I do. Make Order out of Chaos


Lana Gramlich said...

I'm totally down with the stop working thing, too. At least I'm halfway there now (minus the money, but my time is much more valuable to me, anyway!)

Anna van Schurman said...

I don't think you were doing the same things 10 years ago. Your kids are under 10. And you forgot to mention the better wife.

Mary Witzl said...

I make order out of chaos too!

(I just saw my name on your side bar and I am greatly humbled. Thank you!)

Brave Astronaut said...

Lana - cue the soundtrack to "Man of La Mancha" - "to Dream the Impossible Dream!"

Anna - you are of course, correct. And I had already met the better wife, I just didn't know she was going to be that yet.

Mary - I'm always glad to have you stop by and the praise is most well deserved.