Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wolverines! A New Dawn Has Arrived

Tomorrow night, C in DC, ADR, and others will gather in the den of the Brave Astronaut to watch the "seminal movie of the 1980s" (ADR quote). Note for trivia buffs, Red Dawn is the first released movie to carry a PG-13 rating, although it is not the first movie to receive the PG-13 rating. This particular movie got it first and was released after Red Dawn. Any guesses?)

This movie was the topic of conversation at the lunch table on several occasions. This was magnified when it was learned that the "Collectors Edition" had been released. A few days later, I found myself in Costco and spotted the DVD right there among the newly released movies. I snatched up my copy and we have decided to have movie night at the Brave Astronaut pad. Normally Friday nights is movie night for LBA, but he is still at the beach with his cousins, so it's grownup movie night.

We are having pizza, mojitos (hey the Cubans are part of the invading armies), beer and wine. There might even be a dessert or two. If you're in the neighborhood, c'mon over. We're starting at 7:00.


Charles said...

I'm always in the neighborhood. Does that mean I can come over every night?

Brave Astronaut said...

You would be welcome. Pizza's from the Italian Inn and Mojitos will be with rum purchased at Landover Liquors, the official liquor store of ChvBlog.

Charles said...

Well done. I grew up about half a block from the Russian Embassy in DC, and I remember someone spray-painted "WOLVERINES" on one of the walls. It took them a really long time to get rid of it, possibly a year or two. I strongly believe that seeing it each day contributed to my well-developed sense of irony.


Unknown said...

Can you get my hubby to stop saying "Wolverines" every time I talk to him?

Brave Astronaut said...

"In time, this war - like every other war - ended. But I never forgot. And I come to this place often, when no one else does."