Friday, October 19, 2012

Attending a Reception

Tomorrow morning the Brave Astronaut clan is hitting the road for North Carolina.  My nephew got married some time back and his new wife's parents are throwing a party in their honor tomorrow night.  It should be fun.

My sister, father, and his girlfriend are making the trip down from New York.  My other sister (my nephew's mother), her husband, and their other two boys will be there of course.  Also making the trip are at least two of my cousins, who I haven't seen in probably 15 years.

My grandmother used to have a big house in Maine - where the three branches of the family (my father, his brother, and sister) would appear for periods over the course of the summer.  I used to see them fairly frequently growing up - but it has been hard as adults for us to connect (other than virtually on the Innertubes).  It will be really great to see them!

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