Friday, August 8, 2008

It's the Olympics!

Time Magazine has put forth yet another list of the Top 100 athletes to watch in Beijing. Will there be any other option? Aren't the Olympics going to be on like forever?

To honor the opening of the Olympics, happening tonight (08.08.08 @ 8:08:08pm) here's a sampling of a quiz on China that appeared in the New York Times Education Life section on July 27, 2008. Answers next week.
  1. In Imperial China, what did the dragon symbolize?
  2. In the mid-1800s, Hong Xiuquan sought to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in a revolt that cost more than 20 million lives. Hong believed his mandate to rule stemmed from his relation to which holy figure?
  3. Name the Wellesley graduate who married a Chinese leader, became an important player in World War II politics and died in New York City in 2003 at age 105.
  4. Which Olympic events won China the most medals in the last Summer Games, in Athens?
  5. Nine cities in the United States have a population of more than one million. How many Chinese cities have at least one million?
  6. Chinese people call them "little emperors." To whom are they referring?
  7. How many foreign films does the government allow in China each year?
  8. What was the most widely published book in China during the 20th Century?
  9. The Hurun Report, which tracks the wealthy, counted three billionaires in China in 2004. How many were there in 2007?
  10. How much of 2007's increase in global carbon emissions came from China?

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