Friday, August 1, 2008

Here's Another List, List, List

The Brave Astronauts and the OSGs are off to Annapolis this evening to enjoy the Annapolis Rotary's Annual Crabfeast. Here's another list / meme to amuse you in my absence. Tomorrow will prove to be a busy day as well as LBA's daycare class will descend upon Mission Control for an end of the year summer party in the backyard.

From Random Knowledge:

Three favorites . . .
  • Three artists: (This is sure to get me in trouble with Mrs. BA if I choose wrong), Wyeth, Homer, and Hopper (but I could easily go a whole different direction)
  • Three cities: (that I would live in and have visited?) Chicago, New York, Paris
  • Three colors: blue, charcoal gray, maroon
  • Three countries: (that I would live in given another choice and there were no obstacles - money, language, etc.?) Spain, France, Bermuda (OK, not a country, but my meme, my rules)
  • Three fiction books: The Stand, Stephen King / Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger / and a third book that I can't think of . . .
  • Three flowers: roses, black-eyed Susans (one of my Mom's favorites), forsythia (always means Spring to me)
  • Three fruits: pineapple, watermelon, a really good peach
  • Three graphic novels: Not my thing, I wouldn't know where to begin
  • Three movies: Good Morning Vietnam / Field of Dreams / It's a Wonderful Life
  • Three non-fiction books: Fatal Vision, Joe McGinnis (the first non-fiction book I ever read by choice) / A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson / Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Ulysses S. Grant.
  • Three sports: Golf, Baseball, and Swimming


Anonymous said...

Three graphic novels: Maus, Sandman, X-Men.

Eryl Shields said...

I'd give anything for a really good peach, they're almost impossible to get here, I would move to Italy just for the peaches.

Brave Astronaut said...

NJM - well there you go. Thanks for pointing out something I didn't know about.

Eryl - I am finishing up some right now. They are really juicy. I just wish I could get them year round and they would be as good as they are at the height of summer.