Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Graphic Novels in Libraries

A recent article in the Washington Post caught my eye the other day. It was actually on the next page after the Yule Log story below. The headline read, "Library Patrons Object to Some Graphic Novels."

It seems that in the Marshall Public Library in central Missouri, the director made a decision to try and reach out to young adults and began increasing the number of graphic novels in the library's collection. Amy Crump, the director, states in the article there are about 75 in the collection now. The explicit nature of some of the novels has prompted a challenge (the first in the library's 16 year history) from parents about the books.

While the issue is being discussed the novels in question have been removed from circulation. The American Library Association is aware of at least 14 challenges to graphic novels in the past two to three years. In response to the controversy the ALA published a set of guidelines for librarians to follow.

Never a dull moment in America's libraries. But keep your voice down.

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