Friday, June 17, 2011

Dining in DC - Escargots

Pretty much if escargot are on a menu, I'm going to order them. I love them. I am probably one of the only people you know who owns sets of snail shells, escargot trays, plates and forks. Back in the beginning of May, the [poor excuse of a] Sunday magazine in the Washington Post published a list about the best places to get escargot in the DC area. I have eaten at three of the five on the list. See? I told you. Now escargot are not for everyone. But that's fine, more for me. Do you think they are serving them in the hospitality tent at the US Open?
  1. Bistro D'Oc - it's across the street from Ford's Theatre and it was the location of a celebratory dinner for the Brave Astronauts and the OSGs a few years back.
  2. Bistro du Coin - also the scene of a Brave Astronaut celebration (I think it was an anniversary dinner) again with the OSGs.
  3. Le Refuge - haven't been here, yet. But flambeed escargot might just get me there.
  4. Le Vieux Logis - I used to walk past this restaurant on my way home from the Metro when I lived in Bethesda. While I haven't had their escargot, I had them at La Miche, up the street, where in fact Mrs. BA and I held our rehearsal dinner the night before we got married, which has unfortunately since closed.
  5. Mannequin Pis - this great restaurant was the stop for a few years after Christmas tree shopping. It's very unassuming but the food (the mussels are the standout) is outstanding.


ScottE. said...

I don't enjoy them, but my friends love the ones at Cafe Berlin on Capitol Hill...on Mass between 3 & 4th NE. They are not in shells, but smothered in butter and garlic. You should try them. Cafe Berlin is our favorite restaurant I'd suggest you go for the other food too!

Brave Astronaut said...

Scott - that place has been on my list for a while. I might need to get there soon!