Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where Am I?

Coming soon - a new series to Order from Chaos! Any ideas on what it is?

I have had a book idea in my head for some time - it's a book about the layout of the streets of DC and how the state avenues were placed. In my spare time, I might actually get it done some day. I even have the title ready, "Where Alaska meets Hawaii." Have a look at this video to see an intrepid DC resident have a ride around all of the state avenues. Then you can have a look at this mesmerizing video of an individual's cross country trip by car over the course of 7 days (don't worry, the video's not that long).

By the way, with Christmas a little more than a month away, if you are looking for ideas for the Brave Astronaut that you love, this map is pretty cool.

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