Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Movies

Tomorrow is LBA's last baseball game - he has been playing on a team this year comprised of 9 and 10 year-old kids and has been holding his own.  I'm very proud of him.  The team hasn't done well (their best games were the rainouts) but he has contributed to the team in just about every game.

LBA is of course a big fan of baseball movies - I caught him watching "A League of Their Own" unsupervised a while back - though we had watched together before - and luckily, for the most part - the adult content goes over his head.  LBA was also after me to take him to see 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic, we missed it in the theaters - but we will see it as soon as its available on demand.

But here's a brief essay (click on the link for pictures from the post) of "Why Baseball Movies are the Best"
It starts when you’re young . . . When you still believe anything could happen . . . Like Tony Danza could be a star pitcher. And breaking your arm could help you earn a spot on the Cubs. Being an MLB manager before graduating middle school doesn’t seem too crazy. And a bunch of misfits could become champions. It’s a sport filled with has-beens, renegades, and never-will-bes. It’s dominated by weird superstitions and even weirder personalities. And hey, this happened in a baseball movie! It’s a comedy of errors, but sometimes, when you least expect it, it knocks you off your feet. Because baseball has heart, miles and miles of heart, where naturals finally get their storybook ending. And it’s okay to cry, no matter what Tom Hanks says. Because it’s a place where it’s okay to listen to mysterious voices, and it’s okay to dream. Because baseball represents something more and you’re never too old to have a catch with your dad.

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