Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Off to the City of Brotherly Love

Tomorrow the Brave Astronaut will depart the launchpad for Philadelphia and the Fall Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.  I'm taking the train (something I like to do - but don't nearly do often enough).  I did however score an Amtrak voucher because I don't need the return leg of my journey - so a trip could be in the cards later.

The reason I won't be taking the train home is that Mrs. Brave Astronaut, also known as the First Lady of MARAC, will be joining me for the end of the conference.  Some of you, my dear readers may recall that I was elected as Chair of MARAC in the Spring - this is my first meeting that I will preside over as Chair. 

I am sure that the attendance shattering record of archivists coming to the meeting have nothing to do with that fact. :) However, to commemorate and celebrate Mrs. Brave Astronaut's appearance - I hope that several of my archivist friends will join us for dinner on Friday night and then perhaps a brief lunch on Saturday after the conclusion of the meeting.  At some point we will need to go and pick up LBA and SoBA who will be with my MIL.

If any of my Philly friends have some thoughts on where we might dine on Friday night - I welcome the suggestions.  I promise to keep it to a manageable number and I might even make a reservation.

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