Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Today is Independence Day!  The 238th Anniversary of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence.  I'm hoping there may be time for a viewing of 1776 today - but there are also birthday festivities to be attended to today - it is the Brave Astronaut's father's 85th birthday!

Here's a list of weirdness regarding the 50 states that make up our great country.  From BuzzFeed.
  1. In Alabama, it is illegal to salt a railroad track.
  2. Alaska has a cat serving as honorary mayor of Talkeetna.
  3. Arizona has the most well-preserved meteor crater.
  4. Arkansas is the home of the World Duck Calling Championships.
  5. Fortune Cookies were invented in California.
  6. Colorado has almost as many ghost towns as it does live ones.
  7. Lollipops were named in Connecticut.
  8. Delaware is the only state without a national park.
  9. Florida is home to the psychic capital of the world (but you already knew that, right?)
  10. Georgia hosts the largest poultry convention in the world.
  11. Hawaii is the only state that is rabies-free.
  12. Idaho hosts the world championship porcupine race (being held this very day!).
  13. The official language of Illinois is American, not English.
  14. Indiana has the first successful goldfish farm.
  15. In Iowa, it is illegal to kiss for longer than five minutes.
  16. Kansas is the home of the first Pizza Hut.
  17. Kentucky was the site of the nation's first hand transplant.
  18. Louisiana holds an international joke-telling contest.
  19. Until 2003, Maine produced 90% of the country's toothpicks.
  20. The official state cat of Maryland is the calico, because it matches the state flag.
  21. Frozen Food was invented in Massachusetts (thanks, Clarence Birdseye!)
  22. In Michigan, you are never more than six miles from a lake.
  23. The State Flower of Minnesota, the pink and white lady's slipper, can live for a century.
  24. Shoes were first sold in pairs in Mississippi.
  25. Missouri sold the first loaf of sliced bread.
  26. In Montana, humans are outnumbered by elk, deer, and antelope (no word if they are playing or not).
  27. Arbor Day began in Nebraska.
  28. In Las Vegas, Nevada, more than 6,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed each day.
  29. The first potato was planted in New Hampshire.
  30. New Jersey has the most diners (duh).
  31. The first atom bomb was tested in New Mexico.
  32. Packaged toilet paper was first produced in New York.
  33. North Carolina is also known as the Furniture Capital of the World.
  34. North Dakota is the least visited state.
  35. Ohio is home of America's Best Bathroom Contest.
  36. Oklahoma is home to more astronauts than any other state (really?).
  37. Oregon houses the largest collection of carousel animals.
  38. Pennsylvania produces the most mushrooms in the US.
  39. The State Drink of Rhode Island is Coffee Milk.
  40. The State Dance of South Carolina is The Shag.
  41. South Dakota is home to the Mashed Potato Wrestling Contest.
  42. The Architect of the Tennessee State Capitol is buried in the walls.
  43. Texas produces most of the country's helium.
  44. Utah consumes more Jell-O than anywhere else.
  45. Vermont is the only state whose capital does not have a McDonald's.
  46. More Presidents came from Virginia than any other state.
  47. Father's Day began in Washington.
  48. West Virginia shipped the world's largest shipment of matches.
  49. Wisconsin is home of the Hamburger Hall of Fame (and museum).
  50. Wyoming is the state with the fewest people.

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