Thursday, April 12, 2018

Off to MARAC Hershey!

Today the Brave Astronaut Clan is headed for Hershey, PA for the Spring 2018 MARAC Meeting.  This is one of those occasions where the entire family is headed to a conference - the fact that the conference hotel has an indoor water park and there is a free shuttle to HersheyPark made it kind of hard to keep LBA and SoBA away.

There is a game that archivists play at meetings, which we call "BUZZ" the archivist.  Basically, you have to identify the archivist in the hotel lobby without looking for a name tag (which some of my colleagues forget to take off).

I spotted this on McSweeney's a while back - maybe we have a new game to play in the hotel bar.

Academic Conference Hotel Bar Bingo

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