Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Perhaps a Summer Home?

For sale: Historic waterfront property with a spectacular, 50-foot-high view of Lake Michigan. Featuring solid, century-old cast-iron construction, painted distinctive red. Comes with its own Fresnel lens for signaling ships.

It would appear the federal government is doing all it can to raise some money (and avoid hitting that debt ceiling). If you needed some ideas for my birthday (which is in December), you could always buy me a lighthouse. The General Services Administration is currently holding an auction (three of them, actually) wherein you can bid on lighthouses in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Lake County, Ohio, and Conneaut, Ohio.

It has been previously noted my affinity for lighthouses. If I am on vacation and there is a lighthouse nearby, I will usually visit it. Someday, I will stay in one (there's a bed and breakfast). Now if you don't want to buy me one, the GSA is making a dozen lighthouses available for free (to public groups that will agree to preserve it). Perhaps JAL Tours should get one?

The lighthouses available for free are:


C in DC said...

Paul talks about staying at Gull Cottage at Prospect Harbor sometime. Picture here: http://www.military.com/entertainment/offbeat/top-ten-military-campgrounds-1.

The one in Wisconsin looks sweet too. Plus there's a CG one in Washington state.

Brave Astronaut said...

C - if we could find a big enough one, we could make it into the old Archivists home.