Friday, February 8, 2013

National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

Today is evidently the first National Girl Scout Cookie Day.  To celebrate, BuzzFeed posted a list of Girl Scout items that are available through eBay and Etsy.

I need to get me some boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  If I don't get some soon - I am sure to incur the wrath of my mother.  A friend from home, who was in my mother's girl scout troop, and now leads her own daughter's troop, contacted me to ask me to contribute to Operation Cookie - which is an effort to send cookies to the troops overseas, something I am happy to do.

Recently, LBA had an Oral History project to do for school.  After some discussion, we decided to write the project on my mother - the project called for the individual to have made a difference.  Both Mrs. BA and I helped LBA with the project, providing him with the answers to the questions as to why my mother made a difference in so many girls lives.

So what's on the list?  And how many of them lived in my house growing up (or were brought through my house by girl scouts on their way to an international opportunity)?  Here's my favorite 10.
  1. 1960s Official Girl Scout Camera (etsy)
  2. Girl Scout Toiletries Bag and Comb (etsy) - I feel like I saw this growing up
  3. 1960s Girl Scout Metal Canteen (etsy) - I'm almost positive one of these was around the house
  4. Girl Scout Tie Clip (etsy) - if I wore ties more often (or still used tie clips), maybe.
  5. Girl Scout Flashlight (etsy) - again, feel like there was one of these around the house
  6. 50s/60s Girl Scout Charm Bracelet (etsy) - my mother had a charm bracelet with at least one girl scout charm on it.
  7. Vintage Girl Scout earrings (etsy) - my mother had Girl Scout earrings.
  8. Girl Scout Handkerchief (etsy)
  9. Girl Scout Thermos (ebay)
  10. Girl Scout (Brownie) change purse (ebay)
Later this month will be the seventh anniversary of my mother's passing.  I miss her each and everyday.

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