Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Bells of Notre Dame

Today is Bastille Day - the day that marks the beginning of the French Revolution and the storming of the prison in Paris.  Earlier this year, in March, I spotted this about new bells being placed in the steeples of Notre Dame.  The cathedral marked its 850th Anniversary on March 23

The summer of 2013 is also the thirtieth (30 years!?) anniversary of my trip to France.  All of my siblings and I were given the opportunity by our parents to spend the majority of a summer in France, visiting with relatives in France.  (My father was born in France - on July 4, which of course didn't matter until he came here and there are still many Brave Astronaut relatives there.) In fact, as the BuzzFeed article notes, the bells were forged in Normandy, the neighboring province to where several of my family's relatives live - on the southern coast of Bretagne."

So, coming up - to commemorate my trip to France - I will post some recollections of my trip to France.  For now, won't you sing along with me?  (I'll have to check in with my father - if he's drinking today, he might break into song, as he is wont to do when he's had a few.)

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