Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Twelve Posts of Christmas - #11 (2013 Edition)

It's the recap / review blog post.  As I write this post, it's snowing outside the launchpad.  It is just enough to make things pretty - but not enough to cancel work for tomorrow - and LBA and SoBA are still off until next Monday so they didn't need to wear their pajamas inside out.

We spent Christmas Eve with Mrs. BA's family and LBA got his dinner wish of tacos/Mexican food for dinner.  My MIL was unable to join us - having gone to the hospital with pneumonia.  She's better now, after some antibiotics.  We had planned to have LBA and SoBA spend today and tomorrow with her - but between Mrs. BA and I, we are splitting the two days.  Mrs. BA took today and I am home tomorrow.

On Christmas Day, we celebrated both the day and the birthday of LBA.  We had a very nice dinner with some friends, "my sister Nancy" and C in DC's family.  This is becoming a tradition of having C in DC over for Christmas dinner, having done it for several years in a row.

The next day - we packed up and headed north for celebrations with the extended Brave Astronaut Clan.  We enjoyed out time there - having a nice family dinner on Thursday evening (and some cutthroat card playing) - then a trip to NYC on Friday.  There was rain in the forecast for Sunday - so everyone bugged out on Saturday, including us.  We had a relatively easy trip up and back, though it's possible our trip back may have gone well because the car was lighter.  You see, we left a duffel bag of clothes in New York, but luckily friends from town were also visiting Long Island and brought our bag home to us.

For New Years Eve, we continued with the tradition of celebrating with our good friends with fondue.  This year, we had our cheese fondue "appetizer" and then a wonderful dinner of beef tenderloin.  For dessert this year, I made a batch of crepes, which we ate with salted caramel sauce, jams, and fresh whipped cream.  We stayed until about 10, heading home, where LBA made it up until midnight.  It was a little uncomfortable watching Dick Clark's Rockin Eve with him, I came to the conclusion that I am too old for the music, he's too young for it.  And Jenny McCarthy is just awful.

On New Year's Day, we went to a friend's new house for an Open House - it was great to see her and many friends to celebrate the new year.  Today I went back to work and Mrs. BA stayed home with LBA and SoBA, though she took them to see "Frozen".  I am not sure what we will do tomorrow - as it is supposed to be bitter cold.

So another Christmas season is passing on - this weekend will be spent de-Christmasing the house.  I hope all of you, dear readers, enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and all the best wishes for a healthy and happy 2014!

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C in DC said...

Thank you once again for inviting us. Also, it was great having you all come to Deanwood with us on Saturday.