Thursday, May 14, 2015

21 Pop Culture References You Make That Go Over Your Kids’ Heads

One of the proudest moments I've had as a father was recently, when Harrison Ford crashed his plane on a California golf course back in March - I was explaining what had happened to LBA.  I asked him if he knew what I had immediately thought of when I heard about it.  He paused for a moment, I hinted to him that I was thinking of a movie line - and he immediately came up with the above.  There are occasions when LBA, Mrs. BA, and I will tell the other "I will text you"

So I'm fairly confident that LBA would get most of these. Via BuzzFeed

1. When you leave the room for a few minutes (it's possible that LBA may already do this):
Orion Pictures

2.  When your kid asks if you like the new Ariana Grande song:

3. When your kid runs to their room and slams the door (although slamming doors in our house means you lose your device for a period of time):
Morgan Creek

4. When your kid asks for milk, then whines that they want something else:

5. When you drop your kid and their friends off at the mall (LBA recently discovered Rick Astley, unfortunately):

6. When your kid graduates from kindergarten/grade school/junior high:

7. When your kid asks if they can have ice cream for breakfast:
Paramount Pictures

8. When your kid is getting on your last nerve:

9. When your kid says something crazy:

10. When you “accidentally” turn off your kid’s video game at bedtime:

11. When your kid freaks out that their crush is going to be at a party (this movie might have to make it into the pizza/movie night rotation):
20th Century Fox

12. When your kid wants you to get up off the couch and play with them:

13. When you tell your kid you’re going to buy them a pony and they buy it hook, line, and sinker:

14. When your kid wants to know “the truth” about something (it's possible that LBA has stumbled onto me watching this movie):
Columbia Pictures

15. When you walk in on your kid making a huge mess:

16. When you see the new trailer for the supercool-looking new Pixar movie:


17. When your kid complains they don’t have any money:

18. When your kid tells you they got the lead in the school play (I am sorry to say that LBA and SoBA have "discovered" Full House - really, really sorry):

 19. When your kid says, “I know, Mom/Dad”:
20. When your kid asks for a snack:
Virgin / EMI

21. When you’re teaching your kid to swim and they tell you not to let go (Ship Sinks - Boy Dies):

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