Friday, January 27, 2012

What the Wizard of Oz was Really About?

As you, my faithful readers, know, Fridays are normally pizza-movie night at the Launchpad. Today, I am home with SoBA, who was up most of the night emptying out his stomach. Now, after watching Toy Story 3, we segued into Stuart Little 2, during which he fell asleep. There will likely be more video entertainment later in the afternoon when he wakes up. Hopefully, he will want something to eat, now that several hours have passed without his throwing up. When I was sick, my sick day routine involved a lot of TV, drinks drunk with a straw on the couch, and pastina. So far, all we are missing for SoBA is the third (there is some getting flat Sprite on the table next to him) item.

LBA has seen the Wizard of Oz and it has been featured for pizza-movie night in the past. But do you know some of the myths and trivia associated with the blockbuster film?
  1. Dorothy's iconic shirt was actually pink.
  2. The Wicked Witch Cries Out, "Fly, Fly, my Pretties!"
  3. Buddy Ebsen was originally cast as the Tin Man but was recast when the makeup nearly killed him.
  4. The Land Of Oz Was Named For L. Frank Baum's Cabinet Drawer Marked O-Z
  5. Margaret Hamilton's Make-Up Was Life Threateningly Toxic
  6. Pink Floyd Purposely Created "Dark Side Of The Moon" To Coincide With Oz
  7. Unbeknownst At The Time, Professor Marvel Is Wearing L. Frank Baum's Jacket
  8. A Munchkin Committed Suicide by Hanging Himself on Film

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