Saturday, February 4, 2012

What'll You Have?

Tonight this Brave Astronaut is serving as a volunteer bartender at LBA's school fundraiser, Casino Night. Tonight's theme is the 70s and I am preparing and serving a 1970s cocktail along with a variety of mixed drinks, beer, and wine. I must extend thanks to Restaurant Gal, who offered me several suggestions on what drink to serve. If you're not reading her blog, you should be.

I have done this for the past two years and am looking forward to this year's event! A good time should be had by all. Perhaps some of my patrons will understand some of the words from this list (see some of my favorites below) toward the end of the evening. If I'm feeling particularly frisky I might even try this trick.

Ben Franklin's Synonyms for Being Drunk
According to Mr. Franklin - "The Phrases in this Dictionary are not (like most of our Terms of Art) borrow’d from Foreign Languages, neither are they collected from the Writings of the Learned in our own, but gather’d wholly from the modern Tavern-Conversation of Tiplers. I do not doubt but that there are many more in use; and I was even tempted to add a new one my self under the Letter B, to wit, Brutify’d: But upon Consideration, I fear’d being guilty of Injustice to the Brute Creation, if I represented Drunkenness as a beastly Vice, since, ’tis well-known, that the Brutes are in general a very sober sort of People."
  • Been at Barbadoes
  • His Head is full of Bees (this is particularly fitting as LBA's school mascot are the Bees)
  • He’s had a Thump over the Head with Sampson’s Jawbone (LBA goes to a Catholic School)
  • Cherry Merry (according to Restaurant Gal - always garnish)
  • He’s been too free with the Creature
  • Fuddled
  • His Flag is out
  • Seen a Flock of Moons
  • As good conditioned as a Puppy
  • As Drunk as David’s Sow
  • The Malt is above the Water