Friday, August 2, 2013

21 Alarm Clocks Worth Trying Out

Mrs. BA's birthday is coming up soon.  Neither of us are morning people.  We have trouble waking up in the morning.  Mrs. BA's alarm clock on her side of the bed is always several minutes ahead of the other clocks in the room (she tends to fumble with it when attempting to shut off the alarm - advancing the time).  She also uses her iPhone as an alarm clock, but I don't think it can handle the continual abuse.  I have a clock on my bedside table, too, but have started using a third clock, which is across the room - making me have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Perhaps one of these should make an appearance (via BuzzFeed).

"Aromatherapy" approaches
  1. The Wake N Bacon Clock - I mean, I love bacon, "but let me tell you how Daddy got sick."
  2. The Coffee Clock - this one's just for me, Mrs. BA doesn't like coffee
Active Involvement Clocks
  1. Clocky - you have to chase it (and find it) around the room to shut it off.
  2. Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock - unfortunately, no longer available (at least from the website linked)
  3. The Carpet Alarm Clock - you have to put your feet on it to turn it off - for how long?  when can I lay back down?
  4. The Flying Alarm Clock - well time does fly (in the form of a helicopter propeller, which you must find to stop the alarm.
  5. Defusable Alarm Clock - hit the big red button and the clock counts down to an explosion.
  6. The Ramos Alarm Clock - you have to put in a preset pin number into the clock to turn it off (and it's $450 - for that kind of money the butler should put the pin code in for you).
  7. The Barbell Alarm Clock - you have to do 30 reps/lifts before it will shut off (perhaps this belongs under Punishment Avoidance?)
  8. Sfera - designed by students, it hangs above your bed, you hit it to snooze, but every time you hit snooze it goes up several inches toward the ceiling.

Punishment Avoidance Options
  1. The Donation Clock - want to hit that snooze button again?  fine, $20 bucks is going to your least favorite people.
  2. The Drill Sergeant Clock - after playing reveille, the drill sergeant begins to insult you until you get up
Anger Management Issues Clocks
  1. Smash Alarm Clock - it is designed to be smacked to be shut off.  However, the dent stays until the next day.
  2. The Paper Alarm Clock - you crumple it up to shut it off.  But do you then need a new sheet of paper for the next day?
  3. Mr. Bump - sadly, no longer available.  Resembling a bouncy ball, you throw it at the wall to shut it off.
  1. The Hot Rod Clock - Mrs. BA, Start Your Engines!
  2. The Grenade Alarm - also, fortunately, no longer available.
  3. The Target Clock - not from Target, but a clock where you shoot it to turn it off.
  4. The Director Alarm Clock - like a clapboard in the movies, snap it down to turn off the alarm
  5. The Silent Alarm Clock - you wear a bracelet that vibrates when the alarm "goes off" - shake your wrist to activate the snooze.  Do the vibrations get worse if you don't get up?
  6. Pull Cord Alarm Clock - before going to bed, pull the cord for the length of time you want to sleep. The cord slowly retracts and goes off at the appointed hour.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Get off the computer by 9:30, turn off the tv and get in bed by 10. then you won't have so much trouble getting up!