Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 12 Posts of Christmas (2014 edition) #6

One Christmas I may have made the mistake of telling my parents all I wanted for Christmas was one of those things pictured above.  If you know what it is, then you were part of the craze and surely sent your parents everywhere trying to track one down for Christmas.  I think my father finally found it a few days before Christmas in a toy store in New York City.

Now present count was very important - so I frequently checked the pile of presents, which were stored in the basement before they were placed around the tree (by Santa) on Christmas Eve.  I watched my pile grow appropriately, while not necessarily seeing a box that was Atari 2600-sized.

So Christmas morning came and I began to unwrap my presents.  First present, a brick.  Another present, some old magazines and newspapers.  Another present, clothes, then an empty box.  While my parents and siblings laughed at me, I became increasingly upset.  Finally, my mother, God Bless Her, told me to go and look in the dining room.  There on one of the chairs was my much coveted Atari 2600.  Then presents that had been held back - games for the Atari were produced.  It was a great Christmas.

Therefore, I may really need this for Christmas.  And I have also seen this game is back too.  But my memory isn't what it used to be.

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MJM said...

Had one those along with the circle-wheel controler and the gun.