Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The 12 Posts of Christmas (2014 edition) #11

Today is SoBA's birthday.  He turns 7!  Happy Birthday SoBA! 

The schedule for the annual trip north shifted a bit this year and shortly we are headed to my father's for the extended Brave Astronaut family Christmas.  Several weeks ago, both SoBA and LBA commented they loved going to New York because they got "crazy presents."  I think, in their vernacular, "crazy" means a lot.  But with my brother and sisters, it could go either way :).

This is the first time in several years we will be home for SoBA's birthday.  Of course, the boys are still in the midst of their "winter break" from school.  I'm pretty sure the boys don't want to go back to school - but my leave balance would really like it.  With the help of my mother-in-law (and my sisters-in-law) at the beginning of the vacation and some tag teaming with Mrs. BA and I, we've been managing before we head north for the New Year's weekend.

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