Friday, September 29, 2006

Time on my Hands

I sent out a message to my friends telling them I had started blogging. A few of them responded to me, "when do you have time for this?" It's a legitimate question. I have included on my blog the perpetual to-do list, and yet here I sit telling anyone who is reading about the other things I want to talk about.

I view this blog as an outlet. It gives me an opportunity to let people know what I am thinking about. It's also an opportunity to record for posterity things that happen to me (the recent vacation posts). I am a notorious list maker and like to be organized. Perhaps that is why I am an archivist. It's also why the blog is titled the way it is.

It also allows me to let people know about the way things happen and my opinion on them (the driver's license issue). I just like to talk, too. Watch this space for my thoughts about sports (the World Series is coming up, the start of the NHL season, and though I don't follow it as others do, the trials and tribulations of the NFL); politics (I am a Democrat, living in a very blue state, and firmly believe the Democrats are going to take the House AND the Senate back in little more than a month); and anything else I can think of to talk about.

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