Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If Only I Still Had Mine

Some time ago, this story came out. Doing what I do, I was of course immediately riveted. Especially because I also had my fair share of Legos growing up. I always just build houses though, decidedly symmetrical, neat houses. What was the point otherwise?

My son has a set of "Duplo" blocks, but he doesn't seem as interested in them the way I was with my Legos.

The story has also only renewed my desire to visit any one of these destinations. I also remember growing up that a highlight of visiting New York City to see Christmas decorations was to also go to this store and gape in awe at the Lego display.

And now - with the Olympics - here comes the LEGO Olympics!


J in PA said...

Ah, Legos. I still have my Legos certificate (honorable mention only) for the Lego competition that was held at the local mall. I generally worked with the town sets, my older brother with the space series. He still has all of both of our Legos, being the pack rat that he is. But of course, the plans and any sense of sets disappeared decades ago. Memories.

Lana Gramlich said...

Legos just plain rock. Anything else is a rip off. I guess I'm just a building block purist (although I prefer Legos to Lincoln Logs, anyday.) I don't remember where it was now, but at some point after I'd moved back to the states I got to see a major display of amazing Lego creations...Maybe it was a visit to Florida (& too many things Disney.) It was pretty cool, anyway. They even had a Lego "Mt. Rushmore." Amazing.

Archivalist said...

Sigh. Never had any Legos. Football cards, Big Wheel, GI Joe, yes, yes, yes. Legos, no.

Leigh Russell said...

Legoland is on my list of places I must visit.

Brave Astronaut said...

J - don't get me started on the things I don't have anymore.

Lana - Legos do indeed rock.

AT - I'm sorry that you came from a deprived home

Leigh - welcome to the Brave Astronaut orbit!